August 01, 2017


Today's the day! It's officially been a whole year since we opened up our online shop here at Unholywood Apparel. On top of throwing a huge storewide sale, we are introducing a new logo! We have ousted our former "Coffin Crest" logo and replaced it with our new "Pitchfork" insignia. Which can be seen at the top of our online shop and all social media pages. This will be the main image of the Unholywood Apparel brand for years to come.

As part of our one year anniversary I thought it would be a great idea to look back at the past year in review and share with you some of the ups and downs behind the scenes. In the past year we not only expanded our basic line of tops and hats into a much larger line of all-over print items such as leggings, dresses, and more; but we also learned a very big lesson in quality over quantity. Expanding our brand made it harder to control the quality of the experience we were delivering to our customers. We are currently shrinking our line of all-over print items and going back to the basics. Sticking with what we know has produced a better over all experience for our customers.

Since opening our online shop we have sold over 75 different items and over 50 different designs. Below are some of this year's most favorite items and some items that just never made the cut.


Back when we first opened our online shop we still had a little bit of color left in our items. Remember the "Till Death Do Us Party" unisex tee? How about the "666" snapback in red!? It really did exist! We made the switch to monochrome black and white in the fall of last year and it has proven to be a much better choice.

Speaking of our old logo, to the left we have our "Coffin Crest" all-over print socks. After producing our all-over print "Coffin Crest" tees we thought these socks would be a perfect accessory. However, the sublimated socks were a bust from the start and never made it past the prototype stages. To the right is our "Occult Paisley" leather belt. This item costed far too much to produce and has never seen the light of day. We are still looking to bring you some type of belt in the very near future.

  Meet our Top Selling Products

To the left: Our most popular item of the year! We sold more of our original "Leviathan" snapback hats than any other item in our online shop. To the right: Not far behind was the "You Can't Sin With Us" Women's tee. Shoutout to the ladies for that one! This t-shirt was huge hit last fall and will be disappearing soon. Order while you still can! 

I hope we can keep bringing you not only more macabre inspired threads and accessories for years to comes but a better experience each year that goes by. From design to production to checkout, we have more than just our brand in mind. We keep our customers who live the same alternative horror loving lives that we do at the forefront. Personally, I cannot thank everyone enough for your support. On top of having a kick-ass promotion team that does more than asked to help get the word out about us, we have some of the best customers and social media followers a brand could ask for. Thank you again, for making this past year more than worth it!

- Marc Leroux 

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